White-tailed Jackrabbit

Working with Jason to create this piece was so exciting and rewarding. He took the time to uncover my vision and objectives and added his artistic flair to create a unique piece that is exactly what I wanted and full of personal touches for me and him. This piece will hang in a place of honor wherever I live from now on. I smile every time I see it. Thanks so much Jason for adding a bit more beauty to my life!

-L. May

Tichodroma Muriara – Wallcreeper

I commissioned a small painting from Jason Kamin in 2013 after seeing a photo presentation of his Nepal adventure and sketches. I wanted a portrayal of a specific small bird called the Wallcreeper, as I’d always been fascinated by the unique species. Jason was prompt in getting the process going with an in-home initial consultation. He showed me reference photos, and water colour sketches, which he had prepared beforehand. During the consultation he worked with me to select a suitable composition, and incorporated my ideas. Ultimately, he continued to patiently tweak the sketch until I was completely satisfied, and the entire process was a lot of fun. Jason sent me updates of the work as it progressed and he delivered earlier than anticipated. The result was a beautiful original painting that literally pops out of the canvas with textures of paint layered upon paint to create the rock face; it captured my vision perfectly. I’ve since followed Jason’s work and I’ve purchased three prints from him as timeless gifts for family and in my own home. Again, the prints were prepared on time and he even advised me on how to select frames that would best showcase the work and compliment the colours. The print quality is so high that it’s difficult to tell that they aren’t originals. Jason signed the prints and provided official certificates. I’m most impressed with his professionalism, ability to deliver on time, and capture my vision perfectly. Not-to mention, he has a great sense of humour and above all, he will go to great lengths to please his clients.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone and everyone.

-Yousif Attia, 2013

Calgary Cityscape – Circa 2003

“When I first wanted to re-create the night I proposed to my wife, I wondered how anybody would be able to replicate the evening – clear and cold with the city’s skyline sparkling against a backdrop of fresh snow.  I needed someone with a blend of talents, and quickly realized that Jason was that person.  The questions he asked of that evening were spot on, and before I knew it we were on the same page.  Once we had a concept in place, he was able to explain how things would come together and took control of the work while still listening to and incorporating my requests.  For example, I asked him to have the Husky building (my wife’s place of employment) stand out a bit more than the others.  Jason did it, while keeping the work very realistic. 

 As impressed as I am with the painting, it was the extra mile Jason went afterwards that will always stay with me.  On the day of delivery I took my wife up for a walk past the same place in Crescent Heights in Calgary that I had proposed 12 years earlier.  Jason had set the painting up, as we had agreed – even the surprise delivery was a collaboration!  Let’s just say my wife was quite shocked to find a painting with her name on it sitting on a park bench.  Could have never pulled it off without Jason. 

There are many talented artists, but what set Jason apart for me was the talent to create combined with the desire to nail the concept, work tirelessly to ensure he had it right, and then assist with the delivery.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jason for any type of Commission.”

Mitch S.

Northbound (Canada Geese)

Renovations are so traumatic – delays, stressful decisions, unexpected costs.  However, when it came to commissioning Jason for unique art pieces for our great room west walls, post renovation, none of these adjectives were accurate.  The great room walls face west to spectacular rolling foothills with a mountain backdrop.  Almost every day, geese framed by dramatic ever changing cloud patterns and back-dropped by the majestic Rocky Mountain fly by our windows.

Jason came out to discuss ideas with us and we jointly decided to bring those images inside to connect the living space with the outdoor environment.  We are by no means “artsy” and Jason was able to take our vague concepts of birds in flight, colors and the shifting dramatic sky into scenes that are breathtaking.

The process was amazing and fun.  Jason created pencil sketches, scaled to the walls, windows and fireplace, for us to review.  Then Jason created watercolor options and we talked more and modified.  Then the artist hit the canvas.  There were several more meetings as he worked.  He also sent photos to us to ensure we were happy with the evolution of the scenes.  We quickly knew we had selected an artist with not only the talent required for the paintings we would enjoy for a lifetime, but also an artist with superb communication skills.

The artwork is beyond our expectations. The birds and sky seem to be alive and light up the room with action and drama.

A unique bonus – on time and budget!

Thanks Jason 

Patti and Cornel

Commonplace – The Himalayas

“I was very happy with the painting you produced for my wife and I.  You captured the things we asked for in a very effect way.  We both like the piece very much.  I was very happy to support this effort of yours (Nepal Expedition) – I think I was definitively the “winner” here – I got a great piece of art for a very small investment – and you got a little support to do a bunch of work (and have some fun I hope!).

By the way, I have absolutely no issue with timing for completion of the work – again, you did all the work, all I did was provide a little bit of funding  Hope you continue to do these types of things (I recommend a visit to Peru – with all the birds there, you will be going crazy with the opportunities!). 


John G.