Northbound (Canada Geese)

Renovations are so traumatic – delays, stressful decisions, unexpected costs.  However, when it came to commissioning Jason for unique art pieces for our great room west walls, post renovation, none of these adjectives were accurate.  The great room walls face west to spectacular rolling foothills with a mountain backdrop.  Almost every day, geese framed by dramatic ever changing cloud patterns and back-dropped by the majestic Rocky Mountain fly by our windows.

Jason came out to discuss ideas with us and we jointly decided to bring those images inside to connect the living space with the outdoor environment.  We are by no means “artsy” and Jason was able to take our vague concepts of birds in flight, colors and the shifting dramatic sky into scenes that are breathtaking.

The process was amazing and fun.  Jason created pencil sketches, scaled to the walls, windows and fireplace, for us to review.  Then Jason created watercolor options and we talked more and modified.  Then the artist hit the canvas.  There were several more meetings as he worked.  He also sent photos to us to ensure we were happy with the evolution of the scenes.  We quickly knew we had selected an artist with not only the talent required for the paintings we would enjoy for a lifetime, but also an artist with superb communication skills.

The artwork is beyond our expectations. The birds and sky seem to be alive and light up the room with action and drama.

A unique bonus – on time and budget!

Thanks Jason