Artist Statement

I only recently admitted that I am truly an artist.   I’ve been measuring what I thought constituted a professional artist for years, denying it at different levels due to this reason or the next.    It’s literally taken me over twenty years to figure out I am not just someone who paints.  An artist needs to express themselves yes, but even more so, to get things out into the world; to evoke reactions and bring enlightenment.  It’s not an option, it’s a must.

I think the highlight of being an artist is where the art can take the artist.  Being interested in the natural world, art has been the reason for my extraordinary journey to both Nepal and  Italy.  Art can forge new friendships and open doors that I might not ever have otherwise thought possible.  And now I create art with ideas that may sound unobtainable, but I know now what art can achieve.

With this in mind, I push forward in a relentless pursuit to obtain a level of creation that I hope will provide the world with something unique.  It is every artist’s struggle.  An idea can come with ease or difficulty.  The implementing of an idea can be almost insurmountable.  But if an artist doesn’t challenge themselves, the world’s most precious creations would never have been made for us to see.


From deserts to jungles, Jason has studied wildlife and landscapes in many different parts of the world.  In 2012, Jason was invited to participate as an artist; on a trek to one of the most isolated villages in the Himalayas of Nepal.  Funded by investors, the demand for his work has kept him solely on commissions for two years.  Although he has historically focused on the natural world, his subject matter has become increasingly diverse, with many future projects planned that will be quite unlike his former body of work.  Investor funding has once again provide the opportunity for Jason to delve into the heart of the Renaissance – Italy – in April of 2015.


Jason has not put a lot of focus on competition, but has inadvertently been awarded the 2007 Gallery Choice Award at the Calgary Stampede.  In 2010, he became a member of Artist’s for Conservation, and was immediately selected by jury to have his work represent the organization on the cover of the annual show companion book.  2018 has brought an unexpected recognition for a painting that almost never happened.  “The Watchman” – a painting of a Himalayan griffon vulture – was started six years prior, but was shelved for a number of reasons.  After five years of being tucked in the back of a closet, it was completed for the 2018 Artists for Conservation exhibition.  The painting was juried for three awards.


Jason Kamin is a painter currently residing in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  Born in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia in 1974, there was no shortage of nature to inspire him to become the artist he is today.  Self-taught, Jason has chosen to work primarily in the medium of oil.  His time is very limited however, and he usually only paints around five paintings a year.


Jason’s artwork is represented in both private and corporate collections.